At FlowConnect we believe that, how organisations respond to frequent and rapid change is critical to their success. To thrive in dynamic business environments, managers need solutions that can handle complex case management requirements, yet are easy to use and flexible enough to be simply and quickly reconfigured to adapt to change.

Adaptive Case Management Solutions

We are technology innovators specialising in software solutions for adaptive case management. Our range of adaptive case management solutions are highly configurable allowing you to rapidly and easily respond to industry changes and complex shifts in policy, facilitating maximum operational continuity in constantly evolving business environments. read more



Business Process Automation

At the heart of our technology is the FlowConnect Business Process Automation (BPA) platform. The platform optimises efficiency and allows you to spend time on growing the business, improving with customer loyalty and doing the things you enjoy. With FlowConnect, delays are minimised, processes are sped up and cost savings follow.

Stay ahead!

The platform helps you to manage change and stay ahead of developments in your industry. Our award winning technology, lets you easily realign  business processes enabling you to not only prepare, but stay ahead of those ever evolving business changes and remain competitive.

Handles Complexity with Ease

FlowConnect platform is an innovative and groundbreaking tool that automates business processes of any complexity. It has powerful workflow and reporting engines read more

Our Solutions


FlowConnect provides solutions for disability services and community aged care as well as enterprise.

VisiCase Care

VisiCase Care is for providers of disability services and community aged care. Designed to assist providers to move to a consumer directed care model, it supports outcome cased care plans and multiple source funds tracking. Read more about VisiCase Care.

VisiCase Enterprise Case Management

FlowConnect is designed from the ground up to excel in complex and dynamic environments. VisiCase Enterprise is our adaptive case management solution used by enterprise and government. Read more about VisiCase Enterprise.

Business Support Solutions

Other products in the FlowConnect Stable include, Survey Quest for business intelligence data collection, OLS a rostering system for language services providers and GrantsFlow a grants management system.